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Becoming a Cadet is a fun an rewarding experience. Along with all the great skills and history that you will learn whilst being in the Australian Army Cadets, you will also make great friends for life in a fun teamwork-based environment. To join 31 Army Cadet Unit, go ahead and click the button below to access the online enrolment form. The application will be submitted to our Unit staff who will process the application.


After completing the online form, it is recommend that you come and attend a recruitment session at our depot. In the recruitment sessions we will give a small presentation about what it is like to be in the AAC, the commitments and what you can expect during your Cadet career. You are then welcome to stay the remainder of the night to see how nightly training operates, and from there on you can proceed with your application.

What do we actually do?

In The Australian Army Cadets you will get the opportunity to participate in a number of activities on a yearly basis. Other special opportunities may also come around in your cadet career. These include Australia wide activities and International Exchange opportunities! Click the link below to read more about what we do in the AAC!