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Getting In Touch

To get in contact with us at 31 ACU, please fill out the contact form below. If your enquiry relates to a specific matter, ensure that you select the appropriate department in the dropdown on the contact form. Please refer to the following department descriptions below to ensure you select the right one:

General Enquiries

To be used for all non-specific enquiries, or if you are unsure as to where your enquiry should be directed. Our admin staff will get in touch generally via email, or phone if requested.

Officer Commanding (OC)

For all enquiries directed to 31 ACU’s OC. Please note that these enquiries may only be reviewed on Thursday nights when the OC is available.


For all enquiries relating to cadet funds, purchases or donations. Please note that these enquiries may only be reviewed on Thursday nights when the Treasurer is available.


For all enquries relating to cadet Quartermaster and Q-Store related issues. Please note that these enquries may only be reviewed on Thursday nights when Quartermaster staff are available.

    Phone Contacts

    You can get in contact with our Duty Officer at any time on 0490 857 205.

    Please note that our staff may be unable to attend to your call immediately due to other commitments, however we will endeavour to return your message as soon as  we can.

    Other Cadet Contacts

    Australian Army Cadet (AAC) National Headquarters

    Phone: 1800 242 123


    Australian Army Cadet (AAC) Victoria Headquarters

    Phone: 1800 066 941


    Alternatively you may come and speak with us in person between 1900 – 2200hrs on Thursday nights.