Firearms Training

Firearms’ training is a very unique experience that is offered to Australian Army Cadets, and is influenced by the Australian Army’s customs and traditions.

The aim of firearms’ training with cadets, is to enable them to develop skills, knowledge and the correct attitude to handle, maintain, operate and fire the firearms during the conduct of range practices. The most important part of the training, is that it teaches cadets respect for firearms’ and the safety requirements for handling a firearm.

Firearms’ training involves training and testing prior to actually shooting the firearm and then once the cadet is ready to discharge the firearm, the cadet will always have a trained Australian Defence Force (ADF) member next to them as a coach. The ADF members are trained as coaches on the range, as well as trained experts on the firearm. At no stage will any cadet be left on the range with a firearm without a coach.

Some physical strength is required in order for them to be able to operate the firearm, and they will need to be tolerable of loud noises when discharging the firearm.

Hearing protection is worn at all times on the range, however it is expected that the loudness of the firearm firing may initially cause anxiety in some Cadets who have never been exposed to firearms before.