Depot parking arrangements

For all cadets and parents of 31ACU.
As you may have noticed last week there have been some changes in regards to drop off and pick up of cadets at the 22ER Depot. Currently 31ACU’s staff are working with the appropriate parties to determine how these changes to parking are going to affect us in the future, however for the time being we would like to kindly ask all parents to drop off cadets out the front of the depot, preferably on the side closest to the driveway.
This is being requested in order to maintain traffic flow down Dublin Road (which became quite congested last Thursday), as well as to ensure that all cadets are safe and crossing the road is down to a minimum. If you must cross the road, please use the pedestrian crossing at the intersection.
Further information will be made available to all cadets as we receive it.
UA Leigh Brownfield
31 Army Cadet Unit – Norwood

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