Camping & Other Training

Living in the field

Cadets will be taught how to live in the field with lower than normal access to shelter, food, hygiene facilities and refrigeration, and will also gain valuable skills in setting up tentage and other ADF field equipment.

Navigation by day/night

Navigation using a map and compass, as well as a GPS, is a valuable skill to learn in life. Cadets will be taught the theory behind navigation, and how to correctly navigate with a map and compass through theory lessons and practical assessments. These skills are then put in place and in practice in a field environment, where they may be required to navigate across a variety of terrain, weather situations and by day and night.

Cadets are supervised by suitably qualified instructors, and are fully guided through practical assessments by Army Cadet Staff. Once cadets have reached a more senior position, they may then have the opportunity to navigate across country without the direct supervision of Army Cadet Staff.

Survival Training

Cadets get the opportunity to learn a large amount of skills such as navigation, living in the field and first aid which will allow them to have the skills to survive in a field based environment. Cadets are taught survival skills in both theory and practical scenarios, before conducting them in a field environment. Similar to navigation, all survival skills are supervised by Army Cadet Staff until cadets are deemed suitable qualified at a more senior position.